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The Zeeland Archives are making the archives of the Middelburg Commerce Company available to a wider audience by scanning the documents and placing them online. To learn what happened aboard a slave vessel, the Zeeland Archives Archief have fully researched one voyage, that of The Unity. This voyage is presented via an accessible and modern day approach: via a weblog.

From October 2013 through March 2015 a daily report is brought from the ship’s logbooks from the slave ship The Unity (1761-1763) via the weblog MCC Slave Voyage The Unity. The weblog will remain available for reference and research after March 2015.

A part of the total project of The Unity’s voyage consists of an educational component, web-based and multifunctional, primarily geared toward upper primary school education (ages 10-12) and lower secondary school level (ages 12-14).

This education component was created mainly for schools in the Netherlands, but is also accessible in other parts of the world as the information is offered in two languages: Dutch and English. Via e-twinning schools in various countries can work together and exchange information.

The manual below is intended for teachers who wish to use the educational project about the trans-Atlantic slave trade in their class.

Teacher’s manual

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