Slave Voyage aboard The Unity

How was life aboard a slave ship? How did a trans-Atlantic slave voyage go? The answers to these questions can be found in the archives.

In the Zeeland Archives in Middelburg, the Netherlands, the archive of the Middelburg Commerce Company (MCC) is kept. The MCC was a company that from 1732 – 1802 predominantly occupied itself with trans-Atlantic slave trade. In the archives of the MCC you can find unique documents, which tell the story of slave trade.

In the digital archival depots on the website Slave Voyage Aboard The Unity you can find:

  • Scans of the original archival documents and pictures from the Zeeland Archives
  • Information, lessons and clips about slave trade
  • Information for discussion about slave trade then and now

We hope the information on this website will teach you more about trans-Atlantic slave trade and what can be found about it in the archives.

  • Scheepswerf Middelburg, 1778. Zeeuws Archief, KZGW, ZI-II-0460

  • Berbice kolonie, 1740. Zeeuws Archief, KZGW, ZI-I-0830

  • Een tiental zeilschepen met bollende zeilen naast elkaar.

    Snauwschepen van de MCC. Zeeuws Archief, Stadhuiscollectie Middelburg 22

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