Lesson suggestions

Visiting local heritage institutions

In the Netherlands, and perhaps in other countries too, it is possible to combine this series of digital lessons with visits to an archive or museum that includes material from the same period or on the same topic.

Possibilities include the Zeeland Archives in Middelburg (Middelburg Commerce Company Archive), the City Archive of Rotterdam (Van Coopstad and Rochussen Archive), the National Archive in The Hague (West India Company Archive), City Archive of Amsterdam, the National Archive of Surinam, the National Archive of Ghana, the Tropenmuseum of Amsterdam, the Nautical Museum in Amsterdam, the Nautical Museum in Rotterdam, the World Museum in Rotterdam, the Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden, the Afrika Museum in Berg en Dal, the Slavery Museum in Curaçao, fort Rammekens in Zeeland, the slave forts in South and Central America and West-Africa, etc.

A visit could consist of a guided tour, educational activities of the institution, guidance in making a paper, student projects based on material available at the location, etc.

Physical contact with original source materials and objects teach students that history and heritage is tangible, and that both the past is an essential part of our present and our common future.