Our fees

Accessing the archives and its collections is free. However, (digital) copies are not free.

Following is an overview of the (digital) copies available for a fee.

Scanning on request

When a document is not yet digitalized, it is possible in most cases to request a scan via the archive inventory. A request costs 5 euros. Paying is possible via iDeal or credit card. Read more about Scanning on request.

Scanning or copies on request by mail

It is not possible for all archive documents to be requested via the archive inventory. Read the frequently asked questions on the Scanning on demand page for more information about this. In some cases, it is possible to order a scan per (e)mail. We would love to talk about the possibilities. You will pay your order upfront; we will send you an invoice via email, and after we have received the payment we will send you the (digital) copies.

Basic rate + price per page

  • Basic rate in the Netherlands: € 7,-
  • Basic rate outside the Netherlands: € 10,50
  • 1-5 pages: € 7,-
  • 6-10 pages: € 8,50
  • 11-20 pages: € 10,-
  • 21-30 pages: € 11,50
  • Over 30 pages: € 11,50 for 30 pages plus € 0,50 per extra page.

Please be aware that when providing an incorrect source an extra fee may be charged: € 13,50 per 15 minutes of extra work.

Scans of an image

Many images (for example a print, card or poster) have a free downloadable scan. If a scan of an image is not yet available you can order one for €5,-. Send us an email with the name of the archive and the catalogue number of the image. We will also need your address details to create an invoice. After receiving the payment, we will send the scan through WeTransfer.  

Scans of sources from Zeeland Ancestors

Scans of non-digitalized sources from Zeeland Ancestors can be ordered (in most cases) through the icon with the shopping cart. Costs are € 5,- or € 8,- depending on the source. Payment is possible via iDeal or Credit Card. We will send you the scans as soon as possible after receiving your payment.

Ordering through the website

In order to order scans via the ‘scanning on request’, you need to have a subscription to the free service “My Reading Room”. Read more


At the reading room in Middelburg

Scan blueprints

Blueprints can have different formats. It is also common to find different kinds of blueprints for one address. We can not determine which blueprints you need, so it is easiest to visit the reading room in person to view the blueprints, before ordering a scan. Scans are in black-and-white, PDF-format and cost € 9,- per scan.

Copy by yourself

There is a copying machine in the reading room in Middelburg that visitors can use. Visitors can use this to copy reference books, not original copies. Prices:

  • A4, € 0,20
  • A3, € 0,30

Copying or scanning of original documents by archive employees

It is possible to order a scan or paper copy (black-and-white only) of an original document by asking the reading room employees.


  • A4, made by employee: € 0,50
  • A3, made by employee: € 0,60

When a scan is already available, it won’t be possible to make a paper copy of that document.

Print of a microfiche or print screen

A few sources can be accessed via microfiche. We can also print this. A print of your search results on the reading room computers can also be made.


  • A4 microfiche: € 0,80
  • A3 microfiche: € 1,20
  • Print screen: € 0,60

Payment options

Paying at the Zeeuws Archives is possible via cash or by card.

At the HIP Terneuzen

At the Historical Information Point, the reading room of the Zeeuws Archive in Terneuzen, you can also order scans or paper copies of documents from the archives and collections of the municipality of Terneuzen. The order will be processed in the Zeeuws Archives in Middelburg and will be send after payment has been received.

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