Scanning on request

Many visitors choose to let archive documents be scanned for a small fee. Scans can ease your research and make (long) travel obsolete.

The Zeeuws Archives has a special service called “scanning on request”. You can request a scan via the archive inventory.

  1. This service is provided free of charge.
  2. If you want to request a scan, you have to log into “My Reading Room” (Mijn Studiezaal). If you do not have an account, you have to create one.
  3. Search for the document you want to scan in the archive inventory. The inventory number, of which the individual archive documents are a part, will always be scanned in its entirety.
  4. At the detail view of the documents, in the top right of the description, click the icon with the CD.
  5. You can request more than one scan at the time. Fill out your personal information and press “send”. You request is now in progress and you will receive an email confirming this.
  6. Before we scan archive documents, a Zeeuws Archives employee will judge the state of the document. If it is not possible to scan the requested document, you will receive an email about this.
  7. If it is possible to digitalize a document, the scans will be available in 2 to 5 weeks at the inventory number in the archive inventory. You will receive information via email about the progress of your request and finally a notification when the scans are available. They are now publicly available to view and download for free.

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