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The Delta works

The Delta works are large construction projects protecting the country against future floods. They were introduced in the Delta plan and recorded in the ‘Delta wet’ (Delta law). The majority was built by the ‘Deltadienst’ (Delta Works Commission). At the same time, several other large water management works were being built in the Delta region which were either mentioned directly or indirectly in the Delta plan and which therefore closely relate to it.


The Delta works consist of:

  •     Stormvloedkering Hollandse IJssel (1954-1958)
  •     Zandkreekdam (1957-1960)
  •     Veerse Gatdam (1958-1961)
  •     Grevelingendam (1958-1965)
  •     Volkerakwerken (1955-1977)
  •     Haringvlietdam (1956-1972)
  •     Brouwersdam (1963-1972)
  •     Stormvloedkering Oosterschelde (1967-1986)

One of the consequences of the construction of the Stormvloedkering Oosterschelde is that the water maintenance in the lower parts of the Oosterschelde now had to be managed by several dams and sluices: which are called the “Compartimenteringswerken.” These consist of the following:

  •     Philipsdam (1976-1987)
  •     Oesterdam (1977-1988)
  •     Markiezaatskade (1980-1983)
  •     Bathse Spuikanaal en Spuisluis (1980-1987)

Some other large water management works which were constructed at the same time as the Delta works or which were constructed as follow-ups to the Delta works are:

  •     Schelde-Rijnverbinding (1967-1976)
  •     Zeelandbrug (1963-1965)
  •     Maeslantkering (1989-1997)
  •     Westerscheldetunnel (1997-2002)

A final construction project which was mentioned in the Deltalaw (Deltawet) but not executed by the Deltadienst (The Delta Works Commission), was the creation of the Lauwerszee works (1961-1968).