Research results of UCR-students

University College Roosevelt (UCR) which is located in Middelburg, has turned its focus for two semesters on the archive of the MCC. The students were introduced to archival research, in two research seminars, which are part of the history track of the faculty of Arts & Humanities. They also defined the scope of their own research projects and eventually executed their own research, making use of the archives of the MCC.

Additionally, the first group of students, second semester students of the academic year 2010/2011 ‘Into the triangle trade’, have contributed to the translation of the ships log of the first mate of the ship the “Eenigheid”.

The second group of students, first semester students of the academic year 2013/2014 ‘Organization of the slave trade – ashore and aboard’, got several of their final papers published which you can read here. They were able to contribute to the knowledge regarding the slave trade in a significant manner, despite the limited amount of time attributed to the students.

Interloping Trade of the MCC – Laura Volkmer (Middelburg 2013)

Slave Mortality on Board of ‘De Eenigheid’, A Comparison between the Third and Fourth Voyage – Hanna van Leent (Middelburg 2013)

Slave Acquisition and its Appliance in the Philadelphia’s 6th Voyage – Jacobus J.W. van de Kerkhof (Middelburg 2013)

Profit and Loss in the MCC – Thijs van den Boomen (Middelburg 2013)