Research to order

If you are not able to do research yourself, you can commission the Zeeuws Archief to do it for you. Obviously we have to charge for it, depending on the time the research requires.

We can offer you two sorts of service:

  • Research in connection with the making and delivery of photocopies and reader-prints in the case clearly stated which documents are meant (by mentioning mark of the archives/collections, inventory or catalogue number, date and deed or page number). We charge a minimum of € 14,00, depending on the number of pages and the manner of payment.
  • Complex research in fields of history or archival arts, leading for example to a short answer to just one question or to an extensive research report. The costs of such an investigation are € 28,50 per half hour, with a maximum of 4 hours.

The Zeeuws Archief does not perform any genealogical research to order.
However, you can make an appeal to researchers who have expressed a willingness to conduct research for hire and have asked to be placed on this page. Examples of their research are:

  • looking up names, dates, occupations etc. missing in your genealogical survey;
  • drawing up your genealogy and other genealogical surveys;
  • research in notarial and judicial archives;
  • heraldic research.

Some researchers who frequently perform genealogical research to order in Zeeland are:

Dingemanse Genealogische Dienstverlening
Oud Arnemuidsvoetpad 10

A.E.M. Landheer-Roelants
Prof. P.S. Gerbrandyweg 3
telefoon: (070) 354 12 96

Genealogisch Onderzoeksbureau Cromberge
Telefoonnummer: +31 (0)6-49801330

Disclaimer: The individuals listed above are neither employees nor agents of the Zeeuws Archief and should be consulted personally about their services and fees. The Zeeuws Archief does not certify or confirm the credentials of any of these individuals. The contact information is supplied to the Zeeuws Archief by the researchers themselves and may not be complete or current.

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